Team Policy Debate

At this tournament the affirmative team must have a copy of the 1AC available throughout the round for the negative team to obtain if they should desire it. Any violation of this policy may result in a loss for the affirmative team.

Lincoln Douglas Debate

Each LD competitor is expected to be in his/her assigned competition room for both flights of each debate round. The affirmative speaker is expected to time the flight before or after his/her own flight, and the negative speaker is also required to be present in the room for both flights. If a competitor fails to follow this policy, he/she may receive a loss for the round.

Parliamentary Debate

Stoa Parli Rules…"Each debater must have reached age sixteen (16) by October1st of the competition year, or have competed for two or more years in another debate format, or must receive consent from her/his coach."

Parli Prep time will run for 20 minutes.

In accordance with Stoa practices for the competitive season, Parli debaters are free to consult any available resource during prep time, including other debaters, adult coaches, extemporaneous materials, and electronic devices.

Parli Judges are asked to avoid participating in debater prep for any round they are judging.

Additional details for Parli are available here:

Parliamentary Audience Participation

  • Only students old enough to compete in Stoa (12) may engage in audience participation.
  • Knocking or verbal affirmation is reserved for the strongest arguments. Cheering and knocking for every argument of a favorite team is not the purpose of audible feedback.
  • Audible feedback, knocking or verbal, should never drown out the speaker or be loud enough to distract the judge. Knocking should take place on the desk or chair of the audience member; never on a judge’s chair or desk.
  • Verbal affirmation should be a short phrase that does not drown out the speaker. For example, “Here, here!” or “Well said.”
  • No conversation among audience members should take place while a speaker is at the podium. This is the same for any debate round.
  • If what you do wouldn’t be fun if YOU were the speaker (golden rule), don’t do it.
  • No negative feedback. This differs from College Parli