Parent Judges

Thank you for all the rounds you have judged and all the excellent feedback you have provided so far this year. The students competing at the Rocky Mountain Classic are depending on your keen eye, sharp minds, soft hearts and lively pens yet again. We cannot have a tournament without your significant investment in judging.

Parent judges are needed in every round of the tournament to maintain its integrity and ensure the tournament runs on schedule. The judging requirement is based on the child's number of speech and debate events. If the judging requirement cannot be met by a competitor's parent(s), the competitor can arrange for a substitute judge(s) to fulfill the requirement.

All speech competitors are required to provide a judge for a minimum of two rounds for every speech event they are registered for. For example, if you register for three speech events, then you are required to provide judges for a minimum of six rounds.

All Debate Competitors are required to provide a judge for three rounds.

Clubs are encouraged to work together to fulfill the judging requirements for their members.

Students will not be able to complete their registration without a parent also registering as a judge. Parent judge registration allows you to select the time slots that are compatible with your schedule and provides us with reliable information to keep the tournament on schedule. We look forward to seeing you at your scheduled judging times.

If you have unique circumstances that do not allow you to attend the tournament and fulfill the parent judging requirements then please email the Tournament Director at

All parents who have not been through a Stoa Judge Orientation are required to participate in one of these enjoyable sessions before judging speech or debate.


All competitors must be chaperoned. If a parent will not be on site, a signed medical release form must be provided for the chaperon. Chaperons must also meet the judging requirements for the chaperoned student.