Sales Pitch Impromptu

Sales Pitch Impromptu Rules © 2013 SALT Rev 03/13

Description: In Sales Pitch Impromptu speaking the speaker is given two (2) minutes to prepare a speech trying to sell a randomly drawn object as something it is not. The object should be used as a prop.
Goal: To create a polished speaker who is able to give an original, humorous, spontaneously prepared speech within the room, giving the selected object a new identity and function, and “selling” it.

Sales Pitch Impromptu Administration Rules:

  1. All windows in the room that look into hallways, etc. should be covered so that passersby cannot see what items are being used by students in the room.
  2. One judge in each room will be given instructions regarding room administration as well as the containers of objects to distribute to the students. The closed containers should be placed on a table.
  3. The speaker will select 3 containers each holding one (1) unique item, open them, choose one, and return the other two containers with their items still inside to the judges.
  4. During prep time the judges will ensure the returned containers are closed and then put them back with the other unused items on the table. The chosen item should be used as a prop during the speech, then given to the judges at the end of the speech, who will set that object aside as “used”.
  5. The timekeeper will start the stopwatch when the speaker opens the first container and give auditory countdown signals every thirty (30) seconds until two (2) minutes have elapsed.
  6. Unused preparation time may not be added to the speaking time.

Sales Pitch Impromptu Presentation Rules:

  1. The speaker may write notes on a blank sheet of paper during preparation time, but he may not use or refer to the notes during his speech.
  2. The speaker may not bring any prepared material into the room.
  3. The speaker may approach depicting and selling the object in any way he chooses, but he must sell it as something that it is not, price it, and deliver the speech as a salesman or as in a commercial.
  4. The sales pitch must be the central theme of the speech and not peripheral to it.
  5. Each speech should be a fresh, humorous, original presentation, developed utilizing one of the objects selected and prepared on the spot.
  6. The speaker must state what he is selling the item as early in the speech and adhere to that description. The description should be imaginative but somehow tie back to the actual item.
  7. No audio or visual aids or props other than the item may be used.
  8. No computers, Kindles, iPods, cell phones, or other electronic media devices may be used for Sales Pitch Impromptu preparation or presentation.
  9. Gratuitous vulgarity is strictly prohibited.
  10. The student must not listen to other Sales Pitch Impromptu competitors speaking before him. He may stay after he has given his speech to listen to subsequent speakers.

Preparation time – two (2) minutes. Speaking time – one (1) minute. No minimum time.